• 17Apr

    As I prepare my final presentation notes for a round of defense on my first three dissertation chapters I cannot help but appreciate my ID skills. They have helped through this challenging and iterative process.

    In general I have gone through ADDIE multiple times. Even last evening when a revision was requested, I sat back and looked at what I currently had and then analyzed and researched for implications to the end goal; executing my research design. I re-ordered my content and grouped some information differently. I created elaborations and incorporated them into my presentation as walk-throughs to help my committee experience my intent.

    Though I need to go back and make revisions (much like we do in creating learning materials), the picture sharpens with each refinement, making it stronger than the last version. Eventually I will have a very solid piece of research that embodies my ability to demonstrate my knowledge of a subject and to use it to continue to the expand the discourse.

    Some of this holds true to the ID field as well – we refine until we create a training product that effectively allows the learner to demonstrate acquisition of knowledge or skills. If behavioral we have hopefully planted effectively information that will bring about change in the affective sense.

    Today I will implement all of this and the evaluation will be an intrinsic exercise of me assessing how I did based on the inquiries I receive and the feedback I am provided. My “mastery exam” will be the approval of my committee to move to the next step in performing my research. If I do not gain this approval I know that there is a path of remediation awaiting me.

    What about summative evaluations at the Level 3 and 4? Well, Level 3 comes through conversations and presentations or even in how I perform other research or go about other scholarly endeavors.

    So what about that Level 4? I hope to tell you about that in another! Cheers!

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